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Find below links to specific areas of the site about the Research Projects of the BIOTA FAPESP Program, as well as a listing of the most recent publications by our journalists.

Articles about BIOTA FAPESP

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Academia, civil society and government join forces in new center for nature-based solutions

By André Julião  |  Agência FAPESP – Scientists, public administrators and civil society organizations in São Paulo state will join forces in…

In 20 years, natural regeneration of tropical forests recoups 80% of old-growth carbon and soil fertility

By Luciana Constantino  |  Agência FAPESP – A study published in the journal Science shows for the first time that natural forest…

Public consultation opens on BIOTA FAPESP’s strategic plan for next eight years
Captura de Tela 2022-03-25 às 09.36.50

On March 25, the FAPESP Research Program on Biodiversity Characterization, Conservation, Restoration and Sustainable Use (BIOTA) began a process of…

Diversity of coralline red algae is greater than expected and could increase further
@Marina Sissini_rodolitos (3)

By André Julião  |  Agência FAPESP – A group of researchers supported by FAPESP has proposed a number of new…

Electoral cycles influence destruction of Atlantic Rainforest areas in South and Southeast Brazil

Study led by researchers at the University of São Paulo analyzed data for the period 1991-2014 and revealed that deforestation increased in election years. The phenomenon could cancel out the environmental gains achieved by conservation policies and actions, the scientists warn (photo: Simone Vieira/BIOTA-FAPESP Program)

Without proper management, wildfires in natural areas will intensify in the months ahead, study warns

By André Julião | Agência FAPESP – Brazil faced the likelihood of a fresh wave of wildfires in natural areas as…

Study reveals drastic decline of aquatic insect population in Paraná River basin

By José Tadeu Arantes  |  Agência FAPESP – Research conducted in Brazil for more than 20 years in the Paraná River…

After 15 years of research, scientists reconstruct evolution of groups of flies from dinosaur era

By André Julião | Agência FAPESP – Two researchers have spent the last 15 years tracking down a story that is…

Mapping of butterfly species distribution in Atlantic Rainforest areas identifies conservation priorities

By Janaína Simões  |  Agência FAPESP – By mapping the distribution of butterfly species in the Atlantic Rainforest biome along…

Brazil’s biodiversity law needs to be adapted to the Nagoya Protocol

By Elton Alisson  |  Agência FAPESP – Having ratified in early March the Nagoya Protocol on Access to Genetic Resources and…

International collaboration expands Brazilian biodiversity’s natural product database

By Maria Fernanda Ziegler  |  Agência FAPESP – More than 54,000 compounds derived from natural products that are part of Brazilian…

Scenarios and Modelling on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services to Support Human Well-Being

Biota/Fapesp Program is pleased to announce the São Paulo School of Advanced Science on Scenarios and Modelling on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services to…