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Scenarios and Modelling on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services to Support Human Well-Being

Escola Paulista de Ciências Avançadas em Cenários e Modelagem em Biodiversidade e Serviços Ecossistêmicos para o Apoio ao Bem-Estar Humano

Biota/Fapesp Program is pleased to announce the São Paulo School of Advanced Science on Scenarios and Modelling on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services to Support Human Well-Being (SPSAS Scenarios). 

Given the complexity of current changes in biodiversity and ecosystem services (BES), the use of scenarios and modelling became not only a top research priority, but also an indispensable tool for decision making.

The São Paulo School of Advanced Science on Scenarios and Modelling on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services to Support Human Well-Being (SPSAS Scenarios) will gather a critical mass of young scientists to discuss scientific knowledge of relevance to society.  At the same time, it will be a contribution to building professional capacity to use of the results of IPBES policy support tools and methodologies for scenario analysis and modeling of biodiversity and ecosystem services assessment.

Audience Graduate students (Doctoral course), exceptionally young researchers that got his/her Ph.D. from 2017 onwards can be accepted

Venue 01 to 14 July 2019 – Fonte Colina Verde Hotel – São Pedro, São Paulo, Brazil

Application deadline 20 February 2019

More information available here